Product Overview

Secure64 offers a suite of secure DNS products for caching, signing and authoritative use. Each product leverages the company’s secure operating systems, making them resistant to high volume network attacks while maintaining 100% performance and availability, as substantiated by third-party testing.

The Secure64 product suite is standards-based, so it fits into existing DNS architecture without locking in a proprietary architecture. This means there is no need to rip and replace existing network architecture, nor to buy what is not needed. Secure64 uses a software appliance model that provides automatic updates to eliminate time consuming hardening and patching.

Secure64® DNS Authority™

Secure64 DNS Authority is an authoritative nameserver appliance that’s available at all times -- even during network attacks or restarts. It delivers the availability and security required in today's networks, without the cost and complexity of conventional solutions.

Secure64® DNS Cache™

Secure64 DNS Cache offers the best performance-per-core of any DNS caching server and the greatest protection against cache poisoning attacks due to its five layer defense architecture. It delivers three times the performance of open-source BIND software at half the cost of other commercial products.

Secure64® DNS Signer™

Secure64 DNS Signer is the first DNSSEC key management and zone signing software that makes DNSSEC easy to implement and completely secure. By fully automating DNSSEC key generation, key rollover, zone signing and re-signing processes, DNS Signer reduces deployment and administration costs while eliminating errors that can cause domains to become unavailable. This product was awarded the Best in FOSE Outstanding New Product Award for security software.

Secure64® DNS Manager™

Secure64 DNS Manager is a server management software product designed to help configure, manage and monitor DNS servers from a single location. Secure64 DNS Manager lowers TCO on caching infrastructure by reducing the amount of time required keep server software and configurations up-to-date and decreasing the possibility of human errors.

Secure64® DNS Guard™

Secure64 DNS Guard is a suite of content services that protects customers and the network from harm. DNS Guard prevents users from visiting sites that download malicious software, blocks infected computers from communicating with their command and control centers, and protects users from visiting phishing sites.

To learn more about Secure64 products follow the specific product links. You can also get more information about how our products meet the specific needs of government IT, enterprise IT, service providers, and root and TLD operators by clicking on these links.