Keep Your Authoritative DNS Always Available

“A distributed denial-of-service attack aimed specifically at a major US Telco's DNS (Domain Name System) servers disrupted data traffic for some of the company's enterprise customers. The attack began Wednesday morning (August 15, 2012) and lasted more than eight hours." IDG News Service

Have you ever been hit with a DoS attack? According to industry sources the number of DoS attacks has increase by 50% this year. Unfortunately, many companies – whether they want to admit it or not – have experienced a denial of service (DoS) attack or a security breach from malicious code within the past year. The good news is that there is a weapon to use against the bad guys.

Secure64 DNS Authority is name server software that is always available. Even during network attacks. Even during software restarts. And it can't be compromised by malware.

OK, that sounds like a lot of marketing hype. But it’s not. Our DNS Authority software was built using technology that takes advantage of the underlying microprocessor's security features. This unique computing platform is immune to rootkits and malware and resistant to network attacks. Then we added high performance, highly available DNS software. The result is Secure64 DNS Authority.

Always Available. Never Compromised.

Secure64 DNS Authority provides built-in DoS protection that instantly engages to identify and block TCP or UDP attack traffic. And it continues to respond to 100% of legitimate queries while under attack. Of course, you receive real-time alerts and attack characteristics from Authority through syslog and SNMP traps so you can take remedial action. But you know your DNS will continue to function for the duration of the attack.

High availability means more than just attack protection. DNS Authority also remains available even during restarts. And if you operate a large DNS infrastructure, these restarts can leave your server dark for many minutes. Minutes that you don't have if you are trying to achieve 100% available.

Authority also can be easily anycasted in any data center in the world, even if you don't operate the routing infrastructure. The administrator can insert and withdraw servers without requiring router changes or deploying dedicated router hardware.

Authority is a different kind of DNS software. But it is still compatible with your existing IT infrastructure. Authority directly reads existing BIND configuration files and is interoperable with name servers running BIND, NSD, or Microsoft Windows DNS software.

A Sound Business Decision

Secure64 DNS Authority delivers benefits that improve the corporate bottom line by:

Reducing Costs
  • Eliminate OS hardening and emergency security patching
  • Enable convenient scheduling of updates
  • Allow for consolidation of DNS servers
  • Eliminate the need for front-end security devices and anycast routers
Reducing Risks
  • Prevent security breaches from malicious code and rootkits
  • Eliminate risk of platform compromise
  • Maintain availability during denial of service attacks
Improving Operations
  • Increase DNS performance and capacity
  • Stay online even while under attack
  • Avoid downtime due to DNS server restarts
  • Reduce customer support calls