Ensuring the Availability of the Authoritative Nameserver

In the face of the ever increasing size and frequency of DDoS attacks, it is critical to build a secure DNS infrastructure, beginning with a strong nameserver. Secure64 DNS Authority is an authoritative nameserver appliance that is always available, even during high volume network attacks. This self-defending server incorporates built-in DDoS protection and a secure operating system to defend against attacks on DNS servers and it needs no security appliances to protect it - it can stand alone on the internet.

In addition, DNS Authority is not based on open source BIND, so it is immune to the many critical security vulnerabilities found in BIND each year. It is a high performance, highly available and secure nameserver.

Always Available. Never Compromised.

Secure64 DNS Authority provides built-in DDoS protection that instantly engages to identify and block TCP or UDP attack traffic from packet flood, reflected and amplified DNS attacks while it continues to respond to 100% of legitimate queries. It provides real-time alerts and attack characteristics through syslog and SNMP traps so remedial action can take place, but the DNS will continue to function throughout the attack.

High availability means more than just attack protection. DNS Authority also remains available during restarts. In large DNS infrastructures, these restarts can leave servers dark for many minutes, creating challenges for organizations that are trying to achieve 100% availability.

Authority also can be easily anycasted in any data center in the world, even without access to the routing infrastructure. The administrator can insert and withdraw servers without requiring router changes or deploying dedicated router hardware.

Authority is a different kind of nameserver, but it is still compatible with existing IT infrastructure. Authority directly reads existing BIND configuration files and is interoperable with nameservers running BIND, NSD, or Microsoft Windows DNS software.

Key Features

  • Industry-leading security
  • Built-in advanced DDoS protection
  • Non-BIND based nameserver

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates BIND security vulnerability patching 
  • Remains fully responsive during high volume DDoS attacks
  • Enables 99.999% service availability
  • Reduces TCO because servers need no front end security devices
DNS Authority is available in three different families of appliances:

DNS Authority runs on DNS-6000 hardware appliances which utilize the Secure64 SourceT micro operating system platform. DNS Authority is built for organizations that require maximum security.
DNS-6000 appliances

DNS Authority for x86 runs on SNS-3000 and SNS-5000 hardware appliances which utilize a secure Linux operating system. DNS Authority for x86 is built for organizations that need security but also maximum ability to scale.
SNS-3000-5000 appliances

DNS Authority for x86 is also available as a virtual appliance which utilizes a secure Linux operating system. This version of DNS Authority for x86 was built for organizations looking to move to Network Functions Virtualization.   
Virtual appliances